Among Us Gun War Multiplayer

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When you're already dead, showing kindness and hesitating to act is the same as dying. Continue to fire without stopping until there are no more zombies in your line of sight. There is only one thing left to do, and that is to keep firing while at the same time putting out flames and continuously collecting new ammo. A significant number of individuals were able to escape the city without being injured. Given that you are not a heroic figure, you will require their aid in order to successfully escape the city. Locate these individuals, form an alliance with them in order to survive the end of the world, and then engage in combat. The search for food, weapons, and DNA supplements is essential; but, the search for other supplies such as fuel, first aid supplies, generators, and so on may be a great boon to your chances of survival and quality of life.

Use WASD to walk and mouse to shoot aim and change gun tab for menu



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