Realistic Tanks Poopy War

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In the offline campaign, you must rain rockets down on an armada of opposing tanks. You can build your tank using a wide range of weapons and tanks. You can also add your style to your war machine by choosing from various camouflages. Our pixel shooter may be played offline, independent of an internet connection. Mines and crafts must be finished across all levels and objectives. Become the powerful tankman of a customized Warmachine and build your war plan based on the most recent upgrades, talents you've mastered, and experience you've gained. By upgrading your metal monster, you become more powerful and can cause mayhem among your foes. The variety of stages and mazes allows you to test out various strategies and figure out which one works best for each set of objectives. You may play the campaign anytime you choose while also taking on swarms of enemy tanks. We do not impose any energy or other limits on the player in our tank shooter. Log in as frequently as possible to increase the additional resources you gain for running a battle.

Tab - Menu WASD drive Mouse Aim Fire Mouse Scroll Zoom Cam



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