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Taming.io is an online multiplayer survival game that combines the elements of resource gathering, base building, and pet battles. The game is set in a vast and perilous world where players must strive to stay alive while collecting resources and battling opponents. One of the standout features of Taming.io is the ability to tame magical pets that fight alongside you, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the gameplay.

How to Play Taming.io

Craft and Upgrade

At the start of the game, you find yourself with only your trusty pet by your side. Your first task is to gather resources, such as wood from trees, to begin crafting and aging. As you age, you'll unlock various upgrades and rewards that enhance your survivability. These rewards can range from food items for health recovery to powerful tools and weapons.

Building a sturdy fortress is crucial to your survival. Collect resources to construct walls and turrets, fortifying your base against enemy attacks. Among the essential structures to unlock is the windmill, which automatically generates gold for you, allowing you to further expand and upgrade your base.

Tame Pets

One of the unique aspects of Taming.io is the ability to tame pets. Initially, you can choose a pet from a selection of options, but you can also venture out and tame up to three wild animals. Approach untamed animals in the game and see what unfolds! These pets will fight alongside you, providing invaluable assistance in battles and exploration.

Build a Team

As Taming.io is a multiplayer game, you'll encounter other players sharing the world with you. Forming alliances and teaming up with fellow players can greatly enhance your chances of survival. Cooperation is especially important when facing off against other teams and higher-level players who pose a greater threat.




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